About Us


Concept originators have many connections that led to this concept and endeavor.  One of the originators, Shelly Henricks, is the daughter of a farmer/rancher in the panhandle of Oklahoma and has personal experience with growing and harvesting crops . . . and she has an adult daughter with special needs. Professionally, her background is in business consulting, financial analysis, and entrepreneurship - more at www.bestiga.com. This background combined with researching what is currently available in the domestically-grown herb market inspired the concept for FlavorAbilities. Other professionals in the Stillwater area are on board and have a wide variety of skills and talent to contribute. 

How are we different?

FlavorAbilities provides two distinct differences from what is available in the U.S. marketplace: 
  • Other agriculture-based companies that employee people with special needs primarily focus on vegetables rather than herbs and are more seasonal in nature.  FlavorAbilities will focus on herbs and/or flowers in a sheltered (greenhouse) facility, with a  integrated work-force,in a unique and progressively-managed environment that provides year-round employment. 
  • Other domestic herb-growing companies that have had notable recent growth do not primarily employ staff that are differently-abled, and they so not include partnerships with a university or high school.

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